Constitutional Convention is needed in New York

To the Editor:

I strongly support the need for a New York State Constitutional Convention and was pleased to see the Guest Appearance by Brian Kolb in the Sept. 6 edition refuting the fears presented by those who oppose it.

As I stated in an earlier letter in March, it is long since time to take control of New York State’s spending by changing the constitution so that the governor and the leaders of the Assembly and Senate no longer have unilateral control over the state budget that spends twice as much per capita than Florida with the same population.

The only statement in Mr. Kolb’s article that I don’t agree with is the statement that no changes to the pension system should result from a Constitutional Convention. I believe that the pension of any state employee or official that is convicted of a crime committed in connection with their office should lose their state pension. I don’t believe that this change would violate the contract clause of the federal Constitution as noted by Mr. Kolb.

Ira Goldman

Penn Yan

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