To the Editor:

Letter re: Geneva City Council hopes for greater civility in 2021.

Councilman Pruett makes a great point, one that 99% of Geneva Citizens agree with. It is sickening at times to watch these Council meetings due to some council members' unruly and unprofessional behavior. You constantly interrupt and talk over each. You give the impression that if a council member disagrees with you, then they are attacking you. I can only speak for myself but I'm sick, tired and embarrassed of how our city government leaders are presenting themselves and our city. I'm also worried about the direction this Council is taking us based on their 2020 track record.

All council members need to be held responsible to the Code of Ethics. On Oct. 25, I wrote a letter to the mayor and the entire City Council pointing out the constant Code of Ethics violations by certain Council Members:

TENET 1: ACT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Public officials will work for the common good of the people of Geneva and not for any private or personal interest.

TENET 2: CONDUCT OF PUBLIC MEETINGS: Public officials shall prepare themselves for public issues, listen courteously and attentively to all public discussions before the body, and focus on the business at hand.

I agree with Councilor Camera that Council members need not be so defensive. My observations during these meetings are that some get very defensive because the discussion on issues they presented is not going their way. That, in my opinion, is selfish, close-minded behavior that has no place in Council chambers or in public.

I agree with Councilor Gaglianese that it is a new year. It is time that all of you start performing like professionals and make decisions that are in the best interests of 12,000+ City of Geneva residents and not the few who happen to have louder voices and hidden agendas.


Genva Ward 4 resident and taxpayer

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