DEC needs to rethink what it’s doing re: Seneca Lake

To the Editor:

I was horrified to hear that the Ferro company is asking to discharge chromium and cadmium into Seneca Lake. Cadmium is very toxic and one of the six substances banned by the European Union’s Restriction on Hazardous substances. It is classified as cancer causing and implicated in osteoporosis and kidney and liver disease.

It seems that the DEC has consciously tried to destroy Seneca Lake, and it is about time they rethink what they are doing to the Dresden area. The high pollution of the Keuka Outlet with e-coli is a result of the DEC’s decision in 1998 to allow the Penn Yan waste treatment plant to discontinue disinfection.

The remediation of ground water contamination at the Lockwood Landfill has been ordered since 2015 and is not finished.

The natural gas plant also was started without an environmental impact settlement, and now we have learned that a fish screen that was supposed to be installed by 2019 cannot be completed in the foreseeable future.

Three decisions by the DEC, all of which adversely affected the residents of this area. The new proposal by Ferro presents an imminent threat to our health. The DEC is telling us that it is allowed by law to discharge cadmium into Seneca Lake. Is this advisable when the people in this area rely on Seneca Lake water for household use? WE HAVE NO OTHER WATER AVAILABLE.

It is unfortunate that so much power is in the hands of a few especially when they make decisions that are harmful to the general public.



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