Democrats have done nothing to help American people

To the Editor:

Why are Democrats so intent on impeaching our duly elected President? They have been badgering, harassing, faking charges and accusations against Trump since the day he was elected. Already, we have seen corruption at the highest levels of government as they try to unseat our President and conspire to incriminate him.

How much of their duties has Congress done since the 2016 election? That’s easy — absolutely nothing! An infrastructure bill is waiting, illegal immigration could be stopped by simple legislation that would protect our country, Social Security and Medicare could be fixed, budget bills are due, etc.

A year or two ago, Sen. Schumer promised a bonus and annual cost of living allowance for Social Security recipients. Unfortunately, the size of wine containers took precedence instead. That’s a long-time senator taking care of the taxpayers. Schumer is another “Swamper” who should be gone, not reelected.

Latest news, Adam Schiff — leading the charge to impeach Trump — has been caught spying on fellow members of Congress. He has already violated California law and may be guilty of breaking federal law. There has been nothing fair or impartial about anything connected with this impeachment stuff.

Since the day Trump was elected, Democrats have done nothing to help the American citizens. They only block and conspire to do all possible to hurt the best President we’ve had in decades. Every one of the Democrats in Congress should be removed, not because they’re Dems, but because none have done their jobs. The Dems have done a great job of interviewing anti-Trump witnesses, and I especially like second- or third-hand whistle blowers. It’s OK, because they just changed that law, before bringing them forward.

President Trump has greatly increased jobs (Obama had nothing to do with this). Trump rebuilt our military, has gotten more fair trade deals, cut illegal immigration, cut taxes, defeated ISIS/ISIL, has been negotiating with North Korea and China, and is building the Wall, which we desperately need to protect our borders.

I’m willing to consider every candidate, and try to get along with everyone. However, it seems to me that in the past decade, the Democrats have become too progressive liberal left, even from the mainstream, and I’m not sure I can ever vote Democrat again.

Keep Trump, dump the “Swampers”!



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