To the Editor:

Diverting $155 million from disaster relief in order to continue bad policy decisions at the U.S. southern border while the nation is in the middle of hurricane season is one of the most irresponsible actions this administration could do.

Imagine when Hurricane Sandy devastated communities around New York state how we would have recovered if FEMA could not help because funds were diverted in such a manner. That recovery would not have happened. We would be outraged and calling for an end to the administration that would so carelessly discard us.

There will be more "significant new catastrophic events" to borrow the quote NPR attributes to the DHS.

The flooding we experience along the southern coast of Lake Ontario qualifies.

A major hurricane just barreled through the Caribbean and affected parts of the American southeast. There will be more storms.

This plan needs to be reversed so that we can be better prepared for the emergencies that we face.



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