To the Editor:

In February, I watched the State of the Union address as I have for many many years. As Donald Trump entered the chamber of the House of Representatives, the Republicans chanted "Four more years" with fist pumps. As he went on in his speech/campaign rally he told us Americans how great he has made our economy, that we are strongest we ever have been.

Five weeks later we started shutting down the country with stay-at-home orders because of coronavirus. Two weeks after that we needed a $2 trillion stimulus, airline bailouts other big company loans and $250 billion to citizens.

Next we had holds on foreclosures, evictions for non-payments, late payments on car loans, etc.

Two weeks from the shutdown we started seeing lines of people at food banks across the country. People don't know where they are getting their next meal.

It looks like the Dow really isn't a true measure of the economy. The Democrats who were running for president may have been right about how middle-class Americans are not doing well and the top 1% is getting richer.

Say what you want, Donald Trump has not made our country better.



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