To the Editor:

As COVID-19 still rages throughout the globe, humanity's search for a cure grows more and more drastic by the day. With all eyes watching and waiting for the economic superpowers to develop a cure, we tend to forget small nations that can possibly hold keys to combating the virus.

One such nation is Jamaica. Five years ago, a man from this island in the Caribbean invented a device that kills bacteria on doorknobs, using ultraviolet lights safe for use around humans. The inventor of the device, Rayvon Stewart, is working on making this device available for hospitals and offices, places where mass amounts of people move through and possibly contaminate widely touched objects, such as doorknobs.

Though Stewart is a finalist at the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, it is still hard for nations such as Jamaica, that has $14 billion in debt, to get similar inventions off the ground. That is why it is overly important for wealthy and economically strong nations, such as the United Stated, to provide aid to impoverished countries.

Such tools that can protect these funds and aid sent to other nations include the International Affairs Budget and the Coronavirus Response that are currently being discussed by this nation's congressional leaders. You can help by contacting your Congressman or woman and stating your support. Because the safety of this planet may just come from a little island somewhere.



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