Extremely thankful, ‘blessed’ to have had midwife

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article “Police arrest Penn Yan-area midwife.”

Elizabeth Catlin assisted me in labor and delivery, and I was extremely thankful and blessed to have her help and experience during such a special time. Her intuitive motherly care was exactly what I needed to have the best birth experience possible. There was absolutely no exploitation, as the police also (ridiculously) claim in the article. I was appalled to learn of the nature of the arrestment; Mrs Catlin was pulled roughly from her home in front of her children in November with no shoes on. This is a woman with no previous record, no violent history. I cannot stand behind actions like that, especially knowing the more typical procedure would have been just summoning her to court.

In conclusion, I hope that each person reading this will see past the accusations and understand that this woman does not deserve such harsh treatment and slander against her. Someone who doesn’t know her filed that report while one of the “exploited women” (who to clarify, adamantly rejects that title) who knows Elizabeth Catlin personally is writing this letter.


Penn Yan

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