Featherly’s supervisor record speaks for itself

To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter after reading the story of an employee suing the Town of Phelps for wrongful termination. The report said Terry Featherly fired the employee because the employee supported Terry’s opponent in the upcoming election.

I’ve known Terry for more than 20 years. He has been challenged in every election, including the last two by one of his employees. He has never fired anyone before.

Terry is a hands-on supervisor who always has the town residents’ best interests in mind. He can be seen with a shovel, rake or broom in his hand on any given day.

Terry won the Republican and the Democrat caucus. Our roads are in good condition. Snow is always cleared in a reasonable time. I would think someone supporting his opponent is the last thing he has to worry about.

It would be fair to say anyone who has been terminated feels it is unfair. Everyone has the right to get an attorney to defend themselves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the supervisor did anything wrong.



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