Food for thought on a number of national issues

To the Editor:

In the news media, there are a lot of thought provoking items about our current perilous national situation. Here are a few that I offer as food for thought.

Walter Shaub (former Director of OfficeGovEthics): “You spend 2.5 years defending the most corrupt President in history and somehow the guy gets a crazy notion in his head that you’ll tolerate anything. I mean where would he get such an idea?”

Richard Painter (chief ethics lawyer under George W. Bush): “This is a blatant effort by Donald Trump to use extortion to enlist the help of a foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden. This is clearly an impeachable offense.”

Glenn Kirschner: “I never once said this in my 30 years as a prosecutor but based on the evidence in the Mueller report, I could convict Trump of multiple counts of felony obstruction of justice in my sleep.”

Bill Kristol (Conservative writer who founded political magazine): “The whistle blower seems to have followed the law and to have acted out of concern for the country. Donald Trump can’t imagine doing either.”

Andrew Goss (USAF): “People ask why there aren’t more whistle blowers? Would you put your career & possible life on the line knowing these corrupt madmen are going right to the perpetrator?”

CNN “Axe Files” host David Axelrod asked former AG Eric Holder whether he thought Trump is subject to prosecution upon leaving office, Holder replied, “Well, I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

Kurt Eischenwald (New York Times bestselling author): “ … An ISIS flag has literally been raised again in the Syrian countryside. The ISIS flag. Flying again. Can you Trump supporters get it yet? Can you admit your god king doesn’t know what he is doing? If not, when deaths start here again, we will point at you as responsible.”

Harvey Bobrow (Canadian Perspective): “Trump is congratulating HIMSELF on giving the green light to the Turks to go and slaughter thousands of Kurdish women and children. Saying he should have done it sooner. A more despicable human being DOES NOT exist on this planet.”

Nancy Pelosi: “In the darkest hours of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine wrote: ‘The times have found us’ — and today they have found us again. We do not place ourselves in the greatness of our Founders — but we do place ourselves in the urgency we face in securing our democracy.”



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