To the Editor:

The Gateway to the Finger Lakes! Can you imagine coming to Seneca Falls for the first time ever during the summer?

I can hear Aunt Martha now: “It's right here, turn off here, Harry, it's exit 41!” Full of excitement, she says: “I just can’t wait to visit the Women’s Hall of Fame, there is so much very important history here in Seneca Falls!” Harry says: “Well, as for me, I’m looking forward to catching that big brown trout on Cayuga Lake!"

I don’t know who spun the wheel this time, but it seems we just can’t catch a break when comes to getting a common-sense town supervisor. The last guy crowned himself the CEO — that's right the Chief Executive Officer — of Seneca Falls. And now, the new guy totally believes the Seneca Meadows Garbage Pile is no different than Goulds or Bonadent! It’s a wonderful business, he says. Never mind the multi-million pounds of garbage piled sky high that stinks to high heaven, even with the fake perfume squirting in the air around the perimeter all day.

We thought 2020 was bad, and it certainly was, but now we hear the garbage pile folks have decided they love Seneca Falls so much they want to dump even more garbage on the pile!

By the way, when Martha and Harry drove by the huge mountain on the right side of the road, Harry said to Martha: “Who in their right mind would put a gigantic garbage pile right in the middle of Seneca Falls? What a shame ... ”

Happy New Year to all!


Seneca Falls

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