GCSD taxpayers can’t be happy

To the Editor:

Steve Buchiere reports in the Sept. 29 Finger Lakes Times that the Geneva City School District’s Board of Education placed the beleaguered superintendent on administrative leave, named an acting superintendent, and initiated an investigation by someone not on the payroll. Presumably the investigator will be compensated.

GCSD taxpayers can be expected to be less than happy.

I’m reminded of an industrial accident years ago. A Michigan power plant steam boiler exploded, and my friend Marshall, a subject matter expert in steam boiler design, construction, and operation, was asked to travel from Louisiana to investigate. He accepted the assignment on the condition that his findings would remain private and confidential, until the public exit meeting commenced.

As he predicted before he left, Marshall easily uncovered operating errors made by the hourly-paid boiler operator. He also knew management would want to fire the operator.

At the exit meeting, attended by plenty of suits, Marshall first detailed the operating errors. Management’s collective sigh of relief lasted until Marshall asked who had hired, trained, assigned and supervised the work of the operator.

The boiler operator kept his job. Marshall’s rhetorical rapier created quite a reckoning in the ranks of management.

The GCSD can be expected to know enough about its superintendent’s hiring, training, assigning and working to look inward for justifications of what was reported.

Added benefit? Looking inside would cost less than paying two superintendents and an outside investigator.



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