Get used to tax dollars going to wind, solar

To the Editor:

In Waterloo you’re worried about 450 acres becoming a 80 MW solar-farm? Town of Rush residents are fighting to stop 3,800 acres of farmland becoming a 180 MW solar project. In Wayne County, Galen will see 2,000 acres become a 350 MW solar farm.

Don’t believe what’s coming? Read the NYISO 2019 Power Trends Report. 9,000 MW of wind is planned, besides 2,996 MW of solar upstate, along with “Carbon-Pricing” — a new tax, called fee, to be levied on New York utilities and businesses.

The SBC charge on our electric and gas bills is paying for NYSERDA grants to jump-start solar and wind projects. Expect to see up to 63,000 acres upstate turned into 2,996 MW of solar-farms — that’s an area 47% larger than 42,816-acre Seneca Lake covers. “Carbon-pricing” will then speed up construction to meet Cuomo’s 2030 deadline.

The unintended consequences of solar: We get electricity when the sun shines not when we need it; the life-cycle of solar pollutes 4X more than from nuclear. But, most of that pollution from solar is in China where the panels are manufactured. By comparison, 614 MW Ginna plant generates 1,100,000 more megawatt-hours than 2,996 MW of solar will in a year.

Get used to being taxed to pay for solar and wind projects in our backyards.



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