To the Editor:

I see Jim Wedman is on his battle charger again, attacking the country’s Democratic legislators (Finger Lakes Times, Oct. 3). Before I go any farther, let me state that I belong to NO political party. I am an independent, so I examine both major parties equally.

In his first paragraph Wedman claims president Obama “did nothing but hurt this country.” I guess he forgot that Obama took us out of George W. Bush’s recession and cut the federal deficit by more than half. His beloved Donald Trump, by the way, has exploded that deficit to even more than it was under Bush.

His second paragraph states that “Our representatives won’t fix Social Security or Medicare …” I hope he’s aware that it’s the Republicans who are making a mess of those programs. Mitch McConnell has had bills sitting on his desk for months now that would address those problems, but he refuses to bring them to the Senate floor for discussion and vote. Maybe Mr. Wedman should ask him “What’s wrong with taking care of American citizens?”

And, according to Mr. Wedman, who is to blame for all this? Immigrants seeking refuge from countries where their lives are threatened every day. Immigrants who, as history has shown us, contribute much more to the American economy and way of life than they take.

As for Donald Trump being “furious” about the Mueller investigation, it appears that Trump gets furious whenever anyone investigates his shady dealings. Right now he’s attacking a whistleblower and the press for having the nerve to show the American people just what criminal lengths he’ll go to in order to keep power. Richard Nixon was an amateur compared to Trump, who has his Attorney General and Secretary of State and a host of Republican Congressmen covering for him and obstructing justice by ordering staff members not to testify before a Congressional committee.

No, Mr. Wedman, if you examined both parties with the same unbiased eyes that I do, you’d see it is the new Trump-style Republican party that is at fault for every problem you ascribe to the Democrats.



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