To the Editor:

The Greenidge Generation plant in Dresden opened in 2016 to great praise from our elected officials, Tom Reed and Phil Palmesano. The old power plant, with its inefficient 67-year-old steam turbines, was updated to a gas- and biomass-fueled station. It was to be a “peaker plant” — only operating when energy was needed by the grid.

This seemed like a reasonable compromise for the community with jobs and the addition to the tax base even though its unprotected water intake and hot water output posed a threat to Seneca Lake aquatic life and community drinking water.

Things are different now. Connecticut-based Atlas Holdings wants to use its station to perform bitcoin mining 24-7. This is no longer a reasonable compromise and was never considered when the DEC approved operating permits.

Now, greenhouse gases will be continually released into the air and 100-plus-degree water output will stress and kill cold-water fish and increase incidences of HABS threatening drinking water. Noise pollution from the thousands of data-servers performing self-centered bitcoin mining will also increase.

This plan is an environmental disaster for Yates county. Gov. Cuomo must direct his DEC to revoke air and SPDES discharge permits from this facility.


Penn Yan

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