To the Editor:

Newspaper headlines have power. I was perturbed by the way you chose to use that power in the Sunday, Feb.2Β  paper.

The headline on page 2 read: "Erie County Democrats endorse man who lost to Collins in 2018: GOP calls 27th District Candidate a 'deranged socialist loser.'"

While this is factually true, it spins things in a special way. It invites a mocking guffaw. The words "lost," "loser" and "deranged" jump out, creating a negative impression of candidate Nate McMurray.

Let me suggest that you had alternatives. "Erie Democrats endorse McMurray" would have sufficed. Or how about "McMurray wins Erie endorsement: Resignation of Republican incumbent who confessed to insider trading paves way for new election." Or, "Courageous Democrat earns yet another endorsement for his second run in a district so red it voted for an indicted felon."

Whatever happened to neutral journalism?


Seneca Falls

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