To the Editor:

Nowadays, when we remember FDR it’s because he led us out of the Depression and guided us to victory in WWII. But before that, he was governor of our state. He was elected governor because he had a clear vision that the strength of New Yorkers was our “interdependence on each other.”

Recently, I heard John Plumb speak and he quickly brought the spirit of FDR to mind. Like Roosevelt, he emphasized that we are in this together, that we can only progress by acting as a team. He talked about his service as a submarine officer and asked us to imagine how the ship’s mission would fail if half the crew was pitted against the other half.

Like FDR, he knows that a lifetime of service to his country is a great career, not something to be ridiculed. Serving in Congress is service to your country. You can do this badly and do nothing but sit on your duff collecting your paycheck. Or you can serve with honor and integrity, foster co-operation between all parties and instill hope in the people you represent.

I am so tired of the politicians who try to get elected by pitting us against each other. To represent us, all of us, I want a candidate like FDR, who will work tirelessly for us, using our strength to build a better state and country. John Plumb is that candidate.

In November, I urge you to vote for John, a Congressman we can be proud of.



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