Katko’s positions contradict his public persona

To the Editor:

Rep. John Katko appears almost daily in the media, smiling, handshaking, hugging children, selling himself as a good guy, a bipartisan member of a partisan Congress. But his positions contradict the photos.

The Mueller report presented strong evidence that Russians hacked and continue to hack our election systems. But Mr. Katko voted against additional election security. He gave the excuse once that he wanted different legislation but did not propose any.

While we tearfully and angrily watch young children in cages, without care because of the Trump family separation policy, John Katko votes no on legislation to close the camps. He voted no on “Humanitarian Standards for Individuals in Customs and Border Protection Custody Act“ (HR 3239) and no again on HR 3401.

Did he not see them? He had time in October 2017 to visit a refugee camp in Jordan, but he has not had time to visit unconscionable unwashed cages in Texas?

And on the Trump administration disrespect of Congress, he voted not to enforce subpoenas against William Barr and Wilbur Ross in connection with the census, he voted against condemning Trump’s racist comments directed at four members of Congress (HR 489) and against HR 430 to enforce other outstanding subpoenas lawfully served on members of the administration.

After 17 of our children died in Parkland, Florida, Katko said he would consider supporting background check legislation. “I’m a major-league Second Amendment rights guy, but I think we have to take a look at these things. We can get creative here.” (Post Standard Feb. 23, 2018). But in October 2018 the NRA gave him an A rating. (They also gave him about $12,000.) And on Feb. 18, 2019 he did not vote on HR 8, Bipartisan Background Checks Act. Now, again, after the 251st mass killing of the year, will he get another A from the NRA?

What can we conclude?

Either 1) he doesn’t know how government works, so we ought to replace him with someone who does or 2) he does know how government works, so we must fire him.


Manlius, Onondaga County

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