To the Editor:

When I came to live in Geneva, it wasn’t long before I learned how hard the elite worked to keep the Italian Americans “in their place.” Heaven forbid that one of “them” should move onto Maxwell Avenue.

So, it was a real victory to elect our first Italian American mayor.

Having chosen the one day to celebrate the culture and contributions of Italian Americans, the elite now claim:

1. Their ancestors didn’t “discover” America.

2. Upon arrival, they embarked upon a 350-year unrestrained and enthusiastic slaughter.

3. Some United Nations bureaucrat has declared the same to be genocide.

Like my ancestors from the British Isles, virtually all Italians “discovered” America in the late 1880s, so they didn’t get to participate in the ancestors’ conduct. Instead, the Italian Americans and their children volunteered to return to the land of their birth to stop the Nazi SS extermination of Jews.

If you visit the Allied cemeteries in Italy you will find many Italian Americans didn’t get to “rediscover” America. They sacrificed their lives to stop a genocide that didn’t take a UN bureaucrat to identify.



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