To the Editor:

The "You work for me, servant" attitude is deeply ingrained in American society, as evidenced in the Aug. 19 Letter to the Editor "Deplorable conditions on the Thruway during recent trip." In this letter we are treated to the temper tantrum of a couple whose recent trip along the Thruway was not up to their standards.

Perhaps the couple in question are not aware, but the world is currently in the throes of a deadly viral pandemic. If your main gripes in life at the moment are your burgers being a bit on the well-done side, I’d say you’re doing pretty well.

That unskilled “trainee” in all likelihood, was working for minimum wage. During a global pandemic. Dealing with daily exposure from hundreds of travelers from who knows where. With no choice but to deal with the petulant whining of entitled members of the general public. I really would not blame them if they did stay home and collect unemployment.

Fact of the matter is, if we want people to return en masse to these servile jobs working at the mercy of the public, they are going to have to be paid quite a bit above minimum, as well as given full-time hours and a decent benefits package. You know, kind of like what made the workforce thrive after WWII. Some of the people laid off when the pandemic hit lost $100,000-per-annum jobs. The belief that these people should take a job making $20,000 a year for the sake of working is puritanical nonsense. Like it or not, the days of masses of nameless "trainees" serving up burgers and fries with a smile, may well be over. If we want workers to "serve," we’re simply going to have to start treating them like human beings.

P.S. — I worked through this entire pandemic, and I also pay both state and federal taxes. I object to my tax dollars being used to fund endless wars and corporate bailouts, but that doesn’t seem to stop it from happening. I would much rather my taxes go to help my fellow Americans hindered, at no fault of their own, by a global pandemic.



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