Midwife was nothing but ‘considerate, professional’

To the Editor:

We are greatly dismayed to read in the news about Elizabeth Catlin. She was a birth attendant for our children and we found her nothing but kind, considerate, professional and supportive.

We need more like Elizabeth Catlin who can supply the best prenatal care — and provide labor support — at home. Birth was created by God to be a natural, healthy function, but in these times is has suddenly turned into an illness or disease, putting us to bed with our feet in stirrups for the advantage of the professional, working against the body and injuring one’s self-esteem.

Medical intervention should be reserved for high-risk situations or complications. For years, babies have been born in the relaxed and familiar atmosphere at home, and gone on to live healthy, if not healthier, lives.

By tarring Elizabeth Catlin with the same brush we might use for abusers, you are putting her and all who serve as she does in a bad light and encouraging the artificial, medical means of birthing. By publishing such implications, you are ruining her career and potentially leaving hundreds of mothers without someone to ensure the best prenatal care is supplied.

And these mothers much rather prefer the home and Elizabeth Catlin’s care than the hospital with its stark walls, strange smells, minimal privacy, humiliating procedures and the pressuring I have experienced at the local GYN office.

Stand together for Elizabeth Catlin and all who support home birthing. Preserve it for the natural thing God intended it to be. Protect our unborn babies from the contaminants and undocumented side effects of flu shots and vaccines. Stand up for your dignity and labor at home, where the joy and sacredness of birth is not demeaned by medical procedures and cold “professionalism.”

Thank you, medical group, for you are there when our bodies need your help. But set us free when we can do it on our own. And thank you for freeing Elizabeth Catlin and her kind for being the mediator, the caring, understanding go-between.



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