To the Editor:

April was National Donate Life Month. New York state ranks second from the bottom nationally in organ donations. The need is urgent to provide quality of life and to save lives!

Many caring citizens sign up as donors with driver's licenses, renewals or on NYS Donor Registry. Voter registration is another source through Donate Life. The waiting list for a donor at death can take several years. Kidney donors are the greatest need. Living donors are essential. More Good Samaritans make a huge difference!

My cousin Rodney Dutton in Canandaigua is in end stage renal failure. The cause is his three tours of duty in Vietnam in the Army, exposed to toxic Agent Orange. Rod has served in official roles in Lions Club and is Adjutant of Disabled Veterans of America in Canandaigua, among many volunteer duties, including years as a volunteer fireman in Hopewell. He is eager to continue serving his community. Learn more on his Facebook page: Help Find Rod a Kidney and on his Instagram: rod1dutton



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