Not taking the vaccine makes other unsafe

To the Editor:

Thank you all who decided against getting vaccinated and particularly those who have talked others out of making me safe, including our elected officials.

You have made it unsafe for my brother with a transplanted kidney to walk out of his home. You have threatened the life of my young grandchild who is immunocompromised. You have helped the spread of the Delta variant, which surely will hit our region. You have increased the cost of medical care and will probably raise my health insurance rates in the future.

Your rationalizations have been highly educational. You have redefined science to believe that messenger RNA will make each of us a genetically modified organism, which of course it cannot. You have claimed that you will be safe because you never get sick. You have not given the vaccine to your children because of the fear of heart effects, which have only happened in 70 out of 35 million doses. You have believed the likes of Tucker Carlson, the great scientist who with Fox News has recently admitted in court that he does not present news or fact, just opinion.

You have equated vaccination with a great cabal to control us all. Imagine what would have happened if we had refused to take the sugar cube of polio vaccine when we elders, as children, lined up to take our medicine, or refused to take our small pox vaccine.

So, I thank you for proving that we are not as smart as I thought.



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