To the Editor:

(Note: This is a letter from an 8-year-old who recently completed some trash cleanup along our country road)

Dear People in the Community,

I picked up three stuffed bags of trash from along the side of my road, and we still have more to go. I did it to celebrate Earth Day in April, but now I will be doing it weekly to keep the Earth safe and more enjoyable.

Most of what I picked up is alcohol cans and bottles, chip and plastic store bags, and sports drink bottles.

Please do not litter. It will backfire if everyone did it! The world would have a harder time breathing, and it would be harder for people to get around and enjoy the community (like a park).

When you are driving make sure nothing can blow out, and if you have garbage put it where trash belongs. Please stop littering!

You can help too by cleaning up your own road — just make sure you wear rubber gloves or use a tool to pick up the trash (I use my grabber while my mom carries the bag). Thanks for protecting the environment.



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