To the Editor and to all those who believe in freedom:

I am writing because I was so incredibly upset to see a woman (Elizabeth Catlin) that I so highly value and respect be so incredibly misjudged by the so-called “investigators." (Finger Lakes Times, Nov. 16, "Police arrest Penn Yan-area midwife"). Home-births have been happening since time began. It is the way my husband and I have welcomed three of our four children, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

At my request, Elizabeth Catlin assisted with delivery at several of my births, she was very knowledgeable, skilled and professional. To read in the news article that police say she was “exploiting” the Mennonites who love her so much and have trusted her for years not only insults the intelligence of every Mennonite but also insults me and every one of my friends who have chosen to invite Elizabeth into our homes to assist with the delivery of our children.

So my teenager can choose to have an abortion without my knowledge and consent, but I can’t invite the woman of my choice to assist at my child’s birth?

Wake up America!


Penn Yan

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