To the Editor:

The holidays will be different this year, to say the least. While many of us are focused on protecting our loved ones from the coronavirus, let’s also remember to keep our animal family members safe from other holiday hazards.

Ribbons, tinsel, ornaments and hooks, and other decorations are irresistible to many animals, so keep them safely out of reach. They can cause choking or intestinal obstruction if swallowed, potentially requiring emergency surgery. Secure Christmas trees so they can’t topple if cats climb them, and keep candles well out of reach and within your sight at all times when burning (keep in mind that cats can jump many times their height).

Chocolate and other festive foods can be fatal to animals, and even seemingly innocent foods such as avocadoes, onions, raisins, and grapes can cause deadly reactions. Keep them away from animals, and make sure everyone in your house (including children) knows not to share them with dogs and cats. Lilies, cyclamen, and other plants can poison animals if eaten, so artificial versions are a safer choice.

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The PETA Foundation

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