To the Editor:

An open letter to Congressman John Katko:

President Donald J. Trump is in the midst of a critical storm of an impeachment inquiry. There are many opinions and faulty claims related to this; therefore, one must actually read the whistleblower complaint, the Inspector General investigation and the pertinent law for your opinion to have validity. Using the words of biased commentators from either side of the political spectrum or the dishonest claims of the Republican National Committee is basic intellectual dishonesty.

Our representative government as defined by the U.S. Constitution requires that our elected federal officials actually represent us objectively. Supporting Mr. Trump, a man who has clearly used his position of power in so many illicit ways and now we have learned by pressuring foreign governments for his personal gain, is really the treasonous act, not what he claims about the whistleblower. A failure to stand up to this is tantamount to approving Mr. Trump’s actions.

As William Kristol, former editor of the conservative Weekly Standard and former official in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, recently opined about the Republicans in Congress: “They can support Donald Trump, and put a stamp of approval on his tenure in office. They can keep quiet, a stamp of approval of its own sort.”

Mr. Katko, you have remained on the sidelines and silent. I see no chance for your community members to speak to you in an open forum to hear your opinion about this latest transgression by our President. You have refused to respond to national news organizations when asked your opinion. Your website makes no mention of it either. You have been a federal prosecutor and must understand the Constitution and laws involved; you must have read the documents I mention above.

Mr. Katko, your silence is quite telling that you are acting as a political animal, more concerned about your survival than the survival of our democracy, as you have silenced our voice in your own silence. It is time to reconsider our vote next year.



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