To the Editor:

Honesty and integrity have for a long time been wounded second-fiddle players when it comes to our current political system.

A great example of this is the way that President Trump has behaved in regards to the investigation into his campaign’s (and administration’s) ties to Russia. Firing former FBI Director Comey, sharing classified information with Russian diplomats, and lying about all of it are hallmarks of a president who has no honesty and integrity.

Worse still is that Rep. Tom Reed, the House member who is supposed to represent New York’s 23rd District, seems to have no problem with the President’s lack of honest and integrity. As of late May, there were no press releases or statements on Reed’s website addressing our nation’s current constitutional crisis. It seems Reed is relying on a previous statement where he said something to the effect that Trump told Reed that there was nothing to worry about in regards to Russia ... and that’s good enough for Reed.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Tom Reed cares more about keeping President Trump happy and comfortable than he cares about honesty and integrity. Reed will continue to hold town hall meetings where he folds his hands and nods his head as constituents speak out against his proposals — yet returns to Washington and does what he already planned on doing, regardless of his district’s needs and desires.

This is why we gather on the first Tuesday of each month, from 4-5 p.m., in front of Reed’s Geneva office. We want to make sure that Reed understands that honesty and integrity still matter to the people of the NY 23rd. Join us on June 6!



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