Seneca Co. supervisors need to lead by example, wear masks

To the Editor:

Recently, I took the time to watch the most recent meeting of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors. How frustrating to see that as cases of COVID-19 in Seneca County are sharply rising, several of the supervisors were partially masked or not masked at all.

The Board of Supervisors’ website clearly states that if the public wishes to attend meetings, they “will be expected to adhere to social distancing, and mask/face covering requirements.” Why does this not extend to the supervisors themselves?

We are facing an unprecedented public health emergency in which masking is the most effective method we currently have for slowing the rate of infection. Given that masking has become a highly politicized point of controversy, if Seneca County is truly concerned with stopping the spread of COVID-19, then the supervisors should lead by example. At the very least, they should abide by their own, clearly stated requirements.

If a member of the public refuse to adhere to the requirements, then they are not allowed to attend the meeting. Likewise, if a supervisor refuses to wear a mask, then he or she should be required to participate in the meeting virtually. This is, after all, the requirement that most schools put in place for students who may refuse to mask. Why should the Board of Supervisors be held to a different standard?

I sincerely hope that the next recording of their meeting demonstrates that all supervisors attending the meeting are adhering to their own requirements.



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