Seneca Falls to continue Summer Backpack Program

To the Editor:

As the summer is fast approaching we would like to draw your attention to the Summer Feeding Backpack Program.

For the last seven years this community has provided meals to over 100 children for the entire summer, twice a week from June 29 until Sept. 3. Thanks to your generosity in the past we have been able to provide meals for the entire summer, and we have hope that we will be able to continue this much needed program for another year.

It seems more important now than ever before. We will need your help to make this happen, which is why we are asking for your donation. We need around $5,000 to make the program a success.

Our hope is to provide meals for those in need throughout our community and with your help we will be able to achieve this goal. By providing a meal for a hungry child in Seneca Falls we will reduce behavioral issues for their teacher next year, decrease the children’s risk for engaging in dangerous activities in order to feed themselves or their family, and improve their education in the upcoming school year because with a full body they will be able to also have a full mind. Children who have adequate nutrition learn and behave better, making them more successful students.

Please help feed the children of our community by donating to the Summer Backpack Program. Donations may be sent to: House of Concern c/o Summer Backpack Program, 35 State St., Seneca Falls, NY 13148. It’s tax-deductible and 100 percent of your donation will be spent on food for the children.

Thank you so much,


Seneca Falls

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