SF town board should make decisions with taxpayers in mind

To the Editor:

In my mind I don’t see the reasoning of the town of Seneca Falls Council for the 3 to 2 vote to continue with an engineering firm that is approximately 18% more expensive than a competing firm. This after the town advertised for competitive bids, accepting them, then choosing the higher bidder with the words “something is fishy” with the low bid. Really? Wanna tell us what was so strange?

The winning firm will charge us for everything including searches for grants that are farmed out to another firm. The losing firm won’t charge us for grants until we win them. That’s how grants work. They take a percentage of the grant for the work they do. Supervisor Mike Ferrara estimates we could save $20k to $30k by changing engineering firms. Keep in mind, this present engineering firm built the town offices/police station. My opinion is this was not the best performance.

This board turned down eminent domain proceedings to bury the new proposed sewer line under the canal side trail at a considerable savings in money and time. Now they can’t make up their mind as to WHEN to make a mess on Bayard Street. $100k was spent on litigation, and when it was a slam dunk they turned it down. Again 3 to 2. Now THAT’S fishy. And it would have been done by now with an improved trail. What a shame.

When will this board learn to make decisions with us, the taxpayer, in mind? The money this board has wasted would go a long way to improve our infrastructure and create more jobs. Lawyers can and have spent a lot of money at council’s direction, often with dubious results.

I feel this group needs to do better homework. Lord knows they get paid enough for what they do.

And feel free to look up the term “fiduciary responsibility.”


Seneca Falls

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