To the Editor:

I was shocked when I read the report about Seneca Meadow's lawsuit against Seneca Falls over Law 3 of 2016 that appeared in your Dec. 5 edition. This company has sunk to a new low by attacking a woman who can no longer defend herself — the late Annette Lutz.

In reading the state policy referred to, every one of us within 50 miles of the landfill is biased. I remember when the landfill was first proposed that the company painted a pretty picture of how it would leave the land afterwords — and there would be an afterwords. They showed pictures of a beautiful hill nicely groomed with playgrounds for kids and picnic areas, etc. It was approved with an ending date. Now that that date is fast approaching, they want to continue to pollute our land and air for years to come.

And now they are attacking a woman who is no longer able to defend herself. Shame on you! Ms. Lutz was not alone in voting for Local law 3. For you to attack her now is reprehensible.


Seneca Falls

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