To the Editor:

“Small donor matching” legislation (aka Fair Elections Act) will give us as everyday New Yorkers as loud a voice in Albany as the wealthiest donors. Now that’s a change I think we should all back.

The system in New York right now leaves us with very little power and voice when up against “big money” thrown at NYS politicians. We need to let our legislators know we need a “small donor matching” system where even small amounts of money from regular folks count as much, and are valued as much, as the big checks.

This can be done by NYS matching small dollar donations 6-to-1 using public funds, thereby amplifying the voices of us all. It’s estimated it would cost each New Yorker $3 annually to implement this program. A very small price to pay.

Elections are the core of our democracy, and yet over the years we've seen the right to vote degraded and the power of our voices eclipsed by the powerful influence of big money in politics. We can change that. Contact legislators for our area and tell them you support a small donor matching system. Call your Sen. Pam Helming (518) 455-2366 and your Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (418) 455-5655 and ask them to support the small donor matching in this year’s NYS budget. Do it for your kids. Do it for your grandkids.




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