To the Editor:

I HATE that two of my kids are teachers, and that they, and my grandkids, are going back to school, even on a limited basis.

I HATE that friends who drive buses will be forced to transport the (aerosolized) virus or be forced into economic hardship.

I HATE that so many of the support staff (who don't make a living wage already) are older or people of color who are at GREATER risk.

I ESPECIALLY HATE that so many take a simplistic and selfish approach. DEATH is not the greatest risk to the population as a whole. The more we learn about this NOVEL VIRUS, the more we realize that many chronic or permanent conditions will haunt the children and adults who "recover" from the virus.

I HATE that so many young white people are ignoring the FACT that underlying conditions include OBESITY, Type 2 DIABETES, and a raft of other risks that are very common among younger white people. Those were epidemic long before our current pandemic.

I HATE that Ageists, Ableists, and other Bigots dismiss the greater threat of DEATH and chronic lifelong damage because they don't feel the threat applies to their SPECIAL, selves.

I HATE this almost as much as I HATE the deadly infectious enemy, COVID-19:

Since when is it ETHICAL for whole segments of our society to be DISCARDED?



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