To the Editor:

If you're worried about what is happening in Washington, D.C. right now, take at look at what is going on in Albany. We must get this new law repealed before the first of the year. Do all in your power to get this law changed — write and publicly protest.

Because of a host of criminal justice reforms, beginning Jan. 1, 2020, an addict high on meth can force entry into your home as you sleep. His meth-addicted cohort can hold your wife, son or daughter down and cover their mouth as they burglarize your home. Your privacy will be violated. Your family traumatized. You won’t be able to defend yourself with a firearm because it’s safely locked away under penalty of another new law meant to protect criminals.

If you’re fortunate, there will be no physical injuries to your loved ones. If you’re super fortunate, the police will capture the offenders. But that’s where your good fortune runs out. Once captured, they will not go to jail. They will be given appearance tickets and released. Welcome to New York.

Don’t forget those who voted this into law, or those who voted the lawmakers into office. Let’s also not forget, if they actually decide to appear in court to answer the charges, they will also now be able to go back to your house and revisit the crime scene with their defense attorneys so they can build their defense. They can hang out in your bedroom and relive the good times you shared.

This bill was passed by our "friends" in Albany. This is what happens when one party runs both houses in our state. So you know who to thank: 39 Democrats and 0 Republicans — 39 of 40 Democrats voted for it, 22 of 22 Republicans voted against it!



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