To the Editor:

On Monday, May 17, the Seneca County Substance Abuse and Suicide Coalition (out of the United Way of Seneca County office) hosted a county-wide Day of Giving.

We recognized 55 different places where essential workers and first responders kept our community safe and active during the pandemic! Everywhere we went we left balloons, certificates of appreciation, and positive messages on their sidewalks (four kids went along to be our sidewalk artists!)

We cannot begin to thank Finger Lakes Limousine for their very generous donation allowing us to deliver 200 balloons by limousine bus in four hours, transported by the incredible and patient driver Don who put up with all the frequent stops!

A shoutout to the Waterloo Police Department which also participated in the Day of Giving (check out their Facebook page)! It is so rewarding to pass along kindness!! Be kind to a neighbor, pick some flowers for the school secretary, tell the janitors that you appreciate how hard they work, put a nice note in your child/partner’s lunch box, or send an email to a coworker that you don’t normally talk to and tell them that you think they do a good job and wish them a good day. Help spread some positivity around Seneca County!

Want to share it? Post it on our Facebook page (@SenecaCoSubstanceAbuseCoalition) or at #SCSACDAYOFGIVING.

Want to make a difference in the lives of others? Want to keep our community and youth healthy for the future? The Substance Abuse Coalition is always looking for new members and we want to be sure all voices are heard. Please reach out if you are interested by calling (315) 539-1135 or emailing



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