Still waiting on promised ‘great healthcare’

To the Editor:

The United States, on a per-capita basis, spends much more on healthcare than other developed countries; the chief reason is not greater healthcare utilization but higher prices, according to study led by Johns Hopkins School Public Health.

America is the only rich country without universal health care.

These are facts, not fake news.

President Trump has slowly been destroying the Affordable Care Act. It is often referred to as Obamacare, and anything associated with Obama, Trump is trying to destroy. I just hope Trump is not our last president, as he often talks about postponing the 2020 election. I hope he goes straight from the White House to the Big House.

Since 2016 Trump often said the Republicans will come up with great health insurance for all. Now, it won’t be announced until after the 2020 election says the guy with 12,000 lies.

Medicare is a national health insurance program begun in 1966 under the Social Security Administration. Medicaid in the United States is a federal and state program that helps with medical costs for people with limited income and resources.

I remember when Trump was campaigning in 2016. An elderly woman on TV said she didn’t want government-run healthcare, but don’t touch her Medicare!

A few years ago I visited a Seneca County nursing home. They said they had 113 patients. Three of them had private long-term care insurance. Almost all the rest were on Medicaid. I am sure most of them were middle-income Seneca County residents for most if not all of their lives. Any of us who end up in a nursing home for any length of time will very likely end up on Medicaid whether we were started out lower income or not.

A couple of years ago a Rochester TV station did a segment on LTC insurance. They interviewed a woman who wanted to get her mother into a certain nursing home in the Rochester area. The nursing home said they would not consider her mother unless she had LTC insurance or $100,000 in the bank. Since she had neither she had to go to her second choice of a nursing home.

A reporter said to George Burns, “You are 95 years old today. You drink a martini and smoke a cigar every day. What do your doctors think of that?” George’s response: “They are all dead.”



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