Stuck with Cuomo until he’s voted out

To the Editor:

Hope everyone is doing well and observing the health advisories for this pandemic.

NYC dictates its collective will to the entire state politically, and now they both try to flee the cities but also send us their literal feces as well. It’s not enough they send astronomical amounts of garbage here everyday, they are trying to send their sewage to Wayne County to process and compost. They also tried to put an incinerator — where else? — on the endangered white deer sanctuary. We don’t need their money while they destroy our environment. Our water, our land, our air quality, and our wildlife are all at risk.

NYC is full of empty buildings so why don’t they reuse one for an incinerator and another for their sewer sludge? It can’t be cost efficient to ship it here, but that’s what they want to do.

I had to laugh the other day because during Cuomo’s daily press briefing he claimed he always tries to lower taxes. He doesn’t lower taxes, he raises them or creates new ones. Someone has to pay for the nanny state! As one example, he promoted microbreweries for the last few years, then raised the tax on beer.

People must like it, though, because they keep voting him in.

This is typical Democratic politics. Tax and spend. Did you hear about all the extras they tried to add to the emergency COVID-19 pork-barrel omnibus bill that was passed without scrutiny and debate? They wanted money for illegals, tax breaks for solar projects, money for collective bargaining, severe air quality restrictions on airlines. These and many more additions are totally uncalled for in emergency situations. Any politician who played the pork-barrel game shouldn’t be re-elected to any government position.

Again a sincere need for term limits, but this will never happen without a Constitutional Convention. One thing that might help is to keep changing elected officials every election. The voters have to band together and change the status quo. If a worldwide pandemic can’t bring people together, nothing can.

It’s nice our governor and legislators took huge raises. The governor gets $1 million for a four-year term and no term limits on the position. Wake up. We’re stuck with this guy because people don’t or won’t vote him out.



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