Take God and religion out of the abortion picture

To the Editor:

Many thoughts are going through my mind.

Every baby is born innocent. At the moment of conception our height, eye color, genetic perfections and imperfections, etc. were decided. These are scientific facts!

Taking God and religion completely out of the picture, wouldn’t we, as members of the human family, protect the most innocent and weakest of our society? Solely as members of the human race, and removing any religious issues, our human instinct is to protect and provide for the most innocent and neediest in our society. Who is more innocent than a baby in the womb, and who is more needy than a woman struggling with a problem pregnancy?

Of course, like all of us, we needed nourishment, a safe shelter, cuddling in and out of the womb until later in years, when we gradually can take care of ourselves. When in today’s American society have those who truly care about human life not defended the weak over the strong?

There are many diverse groups, who are pro-life and are not religiously based, such as these: Secular Pro-Life, Feminists for Life, Feminist Choosing Life of NY, Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Elliot Institute, Population Research Institute, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Choose Life Inc., American Center for Law and Justice, Students for Life of America, The Center for Medical Progress, Americans United for Life, Democrats for Life, Libertarians for Life, National Right to Life Committee, Alpha Center, Life Dynamics Inc., The Nurturing Network, Women Exploited By Abortion, Life Athletes, etc. Women’s Reproductive Health should not/does not need to include abortion.

A well-known pro-life slogan is “Abortion: One Dead One Wounded.”



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