To the Editor:

I didn't like the editorial headlined "Assemblyman set bad example." Assemblyman Manktelow was unvaccinated and became sick from Covid. Some quotes:

"Why is a legislator who should be setting the example ... choosing not to get vaccinated?"

"To have public officials ... ignore the truth and kowtow to the anti-vaxxers, either out of ignorance or as a bid for their votes, sets a terrible — and potentially deadly — example."

"It's about having enough common sense to protect yourself and others ..."

"Everyone has the absolute right not to get vaccinated for anything ... but these decisions have consequences."

"Covid does not care about rights or philosophical arguments."

Is there no middle ground? Folks used to have different opinions but respected each other. Recall the religious wars in Europe. The "other side" wasn’t just wrong, they were EVIL.

Return to civil discourse. Two people can review the same facts but reach different conclusions based on their backgrounds. It seems you can't disagree with someone without being condemned.

Is it "facts & science” or a matter of degree? Balancing numbers and our response. The flu kills 40,000/year. Mandating flu vaccines and masks would save lives. We haven't done that.

Earlier we didn't have protective equipment, enough treatments or a vaccine. Covid deaths may drop to flu levels.

I don't give to every charity, even though I know it could save a life. Actions to help others are personal "costs" whether of time, money, or inconvenience.

Intolerance, prejudice and bullying: People who don't choose to get vaccinated are "anti-vaxxers" ... let's group them together and give them a name — that's prejudice.

It's about enough common sense ... not vaccinated — you are STUPID, excuse me for bullying.

Absolute right not to get vaccinated ... decisions have consequences — Does that sound intolerant? But we're trying to save lives.

COVID does not care about rights or philosophical arguments — It's a virus, but we’re human beings and we care.

Obesity. A health issue. Ties up health care, causes death. Are "they" next? Go to the back of the line for health care, weight check to keep your job. We're just trying to save your life.

You want folks vaccinated? Do a better job of converting them, don't just try to dominate. Can't get them to agree? Accept it. It's a free country, let's keep it that way.



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