To the Editor:

The siblinghood of Tau hangs up its blindfold. The secret coed organization operated on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges until recently.

Tau was founded by members of the defunct Phi Kappa Tau fraternity Beta Upsilon chapter after the national organization revoked its charter in 1985. PKT national suspended the Hobart chapter after it realized the brothers started admitting women in 1976.

A veritable island of misfit toys, the siblinghood was a refuge for freaks and outcasts, and — given the student body — its ranks include a large number of LGBTQ people and minorities (siblings of Tau even count among themselves a handful of Republicans and like one anti-vaxxer).

Over the years the relation between the Tau siblinghood and the HWS administration grew tense — admittedly due in part to excesses by some Tau siblings — until eventually the administration warned students in its handbook that being associated with Tau could lead to expulsion. A warning that was indeed enforced.

Despite being considered ruffians by both PKT national and the HWS administration, Tau siblings have gone on to become attorneys, architects, IT specialists, massage therapists, journalists, entrepreneurs, film makers, restaurateurs, carpenters, educators, social workers, mental health counselors, non-profit professionals, oh yeah and cannabis growers, among other occupations.

As with any good democratic organization the exact time and cause of death are still being debated in committee, but we're all pretty sure the Colleges had a lot to do with it.


Goshen, Conn. on behalf of the siblings of Tau

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