To the Editor:

In response to the Letter to the Editor from Sept. 30, "Reasons why some have declined to get the vaccine," I'd like to comment on what I view as misinformation.

First a National Institute of Health clinical trial has formally concluded that hydroxychloroquine provides no clinical benefit to patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Secondly, the 6,968 deaths reported after covid vaccine (out of 350 million doses administered) are not verified. For example a 90-year-old nursing home patient may receive the covid vaccine and die days, weeks or even months later and that death is still reported to VAERs data base even thought there is no verified connection or cause-effect relationship between getting the shot and dying. There are no death certificates or autopsies to demonstrate a casual relationship. In other words the cause of death may be totally unrelated to the covid vaccine.

In regard to effectiveness of natural immunity from covid infection, Nebraska Medicine notes that a third of covid infections result in zero protective antibodies. Natural immunity fades faster than the covid vaccine and natural immunity is less than half as effective as natural immunity plus vaccine.

The bottom line is that COVID-19 has resulted in 724,000 deaths nationwide and also covid infections can result in long-term symptoms like headaches, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain as well as PTSD.

In Seneca County just over half the adults have received at least one dose of vaccine which is a shame considering this area is noted as very high risk for the COVID-19 infection. The longer people avoid getting vaccinated the longer this disease will disrupt this community and in the coming winter months overwhelm our health care system with more costs and more deaths.


Seneca Falls, retired NYS psychologist

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