To the Editor:

There is certainly a lot of alarming news today about the looming climate crisis, pollution of our seas and streams, and the loss of species diversity in our world. You may be wondering what any single person could possibly do to improve this slowly deteriorating environment.

For Earth Day, which is April 22, some local residents are pledging to clean up the ditches around where they live. If we all can get out to collect the plastic bags, bottles, and cans that litter the ditches near our homes, we can prevent this debris from flowing into the beautiful lakes we are fortunate to have here. We can at least take care of that bit of the earth that is nearby. STEPS can provide gloves and trash bags to anyone who may want them. Just contact the office.

Another suggestion — the film “Kiss the Ground” shows how the Earth's soil may be the key to sequestering carbon and help combat climate change. It encourages some ways we can all save our topsoil and reduce carbon emissions. The LA Times wrote that “The documentary 'Kiss the Ground' makes the case that by regenerating the Earth's soils, we can balance the climate, replenish the water supply, keep species off the extinction list and better feed the world. Not bad for less than 90 minutes.” It is available on Netflix, and an excellent film to watch.

Please join your neighbors in the days around Earth Day this year. Actually, every day can be Earth Day.



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