To the Editor:

I'm not sure whether to laugh at or fear the Democrats in our country, but Republicans need to grow a spine and start leading, promoting alternatives to Democrat policies. Especially the legislators. Further, it’s time we demand term limits, address the debt, pay back the Social Security trust fund, fix immigration, and stop the insanity of socialist programs like "Medicare for All."

One thing that politicians have in common is their mutual hatred for our President. The Russian Collusion investigation is a great example of how underhanded politics can be. A special prosecutor was appointed to investigate false claims and allegations at a cost of at least $35 million. When special prosecutor Mueller comes back with no collusion found, the Dems went nuts! Now they demand MORE investigations and that we impeach the president for obstruction.

The only branch of government working currently is our executive branch. Under President Trump’s leadership, our foreign projections of influence are finally having results, our federal taxes are lower, VA care has greatly improved, and trade agreements are fairer for America. People of ALL races and colors are employed in the best economy since Reagan! Our federal court systems are slowly becoming more balanced. Progress has been made!

Why are the Dems against legal immigration? Illegal immigrants use more in government social safety nets and services than they contribute in taxes, creating a massive net drain. Build the wall! Force people to use a port of entry or access the U.S. consulates and embassies in their own countries for legal immigration to the USA.

"Medicare for All" is full of outlandish promises, including that you don't have to work if you don't want to. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders freely admitted it won’t be free except to the end users; those that actually pay taxes will be stuck for generations. Socialist Bernie is doing fine, he’s already a millionaire. These plans will destroy the middle class.

Our Congress has done absolutely nothing since the mid-terms except harass the President and stop him from protecting this country. We need border security, tighter and more restrictive immigration laws, and a Congress that will actually do positive things for this country's legal citizens.

On both sides of the aisle, at all levels of government, we need term limits. It’s the best way to return power to the people, protect individual rights, help end the lunacy, and begin to force politicians to go back to working for "we the people."



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