To the Editor:

I’m hoping to get the news out to counter a false narrative that has run throughout the entire region.

Red Jacket Orchards, about 25 years ago, sold property to the developers working with BJ’s and Dollar Tree. It was a total clear sale. We have no ongoing involvement with those companies nor their recent decisions to close and move. We hold no ownership or lease of their properties. Clearly the closing is detrimental for all in the community, especially those who are losing jobs.

Most often when I get wind of gossip regarding our business, I shrug it off, but this one needed to be addressed, and the narrative that Red Jacket had any involvement is completely false.

Separately, we continue, as always, to be family-owned and operated. While we sell products to Amazon/Whole Foods, they are simply customers. There has been no transaction nor is there any contemplation of a business deal.

The Nicholson family remains now and will continue to be the only owners of Red Jacket. I guess I appreciate all the intrigue, but I can honestly say I’m surprised how quickly this false information spread.

So let me make it clear here: The recent loss of jobs is concerning to us all. We share our thoughts for those whose livelihoods have been impacted. For the past 60 years we have strived to grow our business and add jobs to our region.

Today, even after some business transitions of our own, we remain a proud employer in the area and would not be successful without our extremely talented and dedicated local staff. We hope to continue to drive growth here in Geneva, even against ongoing challenges in the food marketplace.

Making a family business thrive for 60 years has been the challenge of our lives, and one we embrace together daily.

Finally, We are so grateful to our many customers who trust our work and choose Red Jacket products. It is these individual choices that have the most profound impact for us all. Supporting local truly does mean putting your money to work in your community.

Please continue to prioritize local!


President/co-owner, Red Jacket Orchards

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