To the Editor:

The Russian interference in the 2016 election, a hoax per President Trump, yet 17 intelligence agencies say it happened and favored Trump.

The Mueller report, a hoax per Trump, yet there were 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas and five of Trump’s top associates sentenced to prison.

The extortion of Ukraine, a hoax, yet numerous Republican U.S. senators agreed that he did it and one, Romney, voted to impeach. The COVID-19 pandemic, a hoax, a total failure by Trump, death toll is 140,000 and no end in sight. The latest statement regarding the  virus, “Learn to live with it." There is no plan, there never was! The Russian GRU paying bounties to Afghan rebels to kill our troops, a hoax, yet we have overwhelming evidence to the contrary even the fact that it was in the daily Presidential Intelligence Briefing book, that he really reads.

What plan of action does the White House have, nothing but lies and blaming somebody other than the guy in the Oval Office? What have we heard from our representative, Tom Reed? Nothing, and if he does give you a response it will never be critical of the person to whom he serves as his personal lackey and state campaign chair. I urge everyone to call Tom Reed’s office,(202-225-3161) and demand to know what his position is on this issue!

We cannot allow either Trump or Tom Reed to have another term. If we do, we’ll all being reading headlines that we really wished were a hoax! Call Tom Reed and demand to know what he is doing to protect our troops, our heroes.


Westfield, Chautaugua County

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