Under Biden, US looks ‘weak, feeble’ to enemies

To the Editor:

Joe Biden’s presidency has been a big a flop, presenting the USA as weak, feeble, and incompetent. Fifty-plus years on the government “dole” and Biden has no clue what people do to provide for their homes and families. He stopped the Keystone pipelines and put thousands of union members out of work. Remember, he said, “I don’t work for you,” and he meant it! The pipelines had to be replaced by inefficient rail and truck traffic causing more pollution, contrary to the Democrats’ claimed climate change and environmental concerns.

Biden will never hold China accountable for COVID-19. Democrats like Biden are more worried about forcing firefighters, paramedics, doctors and nurses to be vaccinated or be fired. Yet they’re openly letting millions of unvaccinated into the country and shipping them around the USA in the dead of night on the taxpayer’s dime. Biden stopped construction on the southern border wall and essentially suspended immigration enforcement, creating a national security issue as anyone can slip through. That wall and strict enforcement had stopped mass illegal migration. Now we have unrestricted illegal entry of millions of unvaccinated migrants bringing in untold amounts of communicable disease in the middle of a pandemic, and Democrats do not care. Cartels also are flooding this country with drugs, human trafficking, and unattended minors. Democrats have talked about giving each illegal $450,000 for separating children from parents because we had to ensure they weren’t being human smuggled and trafficked and abused.

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was traitorous, so grossly incompetent as to have materially assisted our enemies and provided aid to them. We ARMED a country taken over by extremists, leaving it with billions of dollars’ worth of US military equipment, helicopters, vehicles, weapons and investments. At least 13 service members died because Biden went against advice on withdrawing. Even worse, the US abandoned its own citizens. Now, we’re sending those enemies foreign aid!

Don’t forget, Joe is forcing us to go green, which will bankrupt us. Solar and wind are not dependable. Solar panels, wind turbine blades, and other components are not recyclable. Turbines still need petroleum-based products and have their own environmental impacts. They hurt birds and disturb their routines.

Biden has caused other national security issues. He’s made us energy dependent on enemies and foreigners, instead of ourselves. He stopped fracking and drilling. Now he’s asking OPEC to produce more oil. Thank the Democrats every time you fill up at the pump or pay your heat and lighting bills.



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