To the Editor:

I ask that you include walking and biking in your coverage of the infrastructure debate. And I ask our local reps to include funding for connected walking and biking networks as part of a balanced transportation system.

The last National Household Travel Survey shows that, nearly 40 percent of all trips in the U.S. are within a 20-minute bike ride and over 20 percent are within a 20-minute walk. Connected networks for walking and biking are an essential part of a system of mobility choices that meet our changing needs.

Our area has such an opportunity to increase business, health and vitality through the construction and upgrade of bike and walking paths throughout the Genesee Valley.

I am encouraging others to take time to support projects through Rails to Trails and local businesses, community support and the support of our elected officials.

The use of trails brings added business connections through those who use the trails in our area and those who will visit the area. I believe a trail across the Genesee River such in the Hudson valley which boosted the area economically and increased the health for all that used it would great



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