We all need to work to ‘Bring Back America’

To the Editor:

It is quite evident, from everything going on in this nation of ours, from the self-serving corrupt political parties making it possible for any Tom Fool from Timbuktu to run for president, that we are becoming a trash bucket with holes in it.

It is like this: Picture sitting in a great big white house with the door wide open and a group of snakes and skunks heading for the open door. Would we just sit there and let the darn snakes and skunks come in? Or would we not close the darn door?

Well, this is exactly what we are letting happen — we are letting anybody and any foreign party, such as socialism and communism, infiltrate America’s government. This cannot be allowed. It is an insult to all of America, its dedicated citizens and most assuredly, the American veterans of World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam and all the other conflicts caused by socialism or communism.

We Americans must make a new platform called the ACCG — American Citizens Constitutional Government — that will eliminate all of the useless, self-serving political parties, that will positively close that open door and that will prevent the snakes and skunks from entering America’s government.

Let’s bring back America to make it that nation of people and government that it was meant to be.

PS: There is a book to be published soon called “Bring Back America” that will explain in great detail all about the ACCG.


U.S. Navy, WWII veteran


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