To the Editor:

So sad is the truth. Americans, please let's get our heads out of the sand. Forget what these politicians are putting us all through, with their lies and the promises that most never keep. They just build on hate and distrust between all of us.

Instead think what these useless politicians in this government are doing with our hard-earned taxes that we pay them. They want to: cut our Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, lunch money for school children and food stamps. They want no national health care and are cutting back on school funding, though of course Betsy DeVos will get her share.

However, it seems that the very same useless politicians running this country — and I really don't care which side of the fence they're on — that want to cut our programs to help the needy, always seem to have money to give to all other countries. Prime example: Israel. We have a 10-year commitment to pay them $30 billion a year. This year we added $49 billion to our defense budget that goes to Israel aid.

Well, speaking of aid, our own citizens, the needy and the poor, don't seem to be getting much of it. We are the richest country in the world; too bad our needy don't get too much of it.



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